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The Commonwealth Table was first designed about 100 years ago. Ever since, people have continued to enjoy it as a unique blending of unrivalled performance with classic furniture piece.

1. Table Model The Commonwealth
2. Table Category Traditional
3. Sizes Available 12 Ft X 6 Ft
10 Ft X 5 Ft
9 Ft X 4 Ft 6 Inches
4. Weight Approx.
12 Ft Approximately 1475 Kg
10 Ft Approximately 880 Kg
9 Ft Approximately 740 Kg
5. Features

Furniture grade timbers, specially selected for reliability, hard wearing character and attractive appearance.

Traditional Alcock cushions with their well deserved reputation for pace, reliability, and angle of response, including matched set of moulded rubber by Northern Rubber Co of Retford, England. Pocket openings cut and shaped to conform to International Billiards and Snooker Federation templates for match play.

Italian Slate – in sections jointed together by means of brass dowels, machined to receive 4 inch cushion bolts; pocket opening profiles set to conform to International Billiards and Snooker Federation standards; hand finished and ground by hand to produce a playing surface of unrivalled reliability.

The Cloth - the finest available from the mills of Strachan & Co of Gloucestershire, England. Colour choice is available.

Framework – main show timbers of Brazilian or African mahogany; made entirely in the traditional manner, including classic mortice and tenon jointing throughout. Main frame tastefully embellished with prominent bolection moulds; with traditional knee panels.

Legs - turned from 200 mm blocks to a taper and each machined with twelve Canterbury flutes; hand finished; with slotted recess at toe to receive brass leg ring.

Show Timbers – polished in any one of several colours to ensure that you can achieve the best possible match to your existing furniture and décor.

Pockets – pocket brasses concealed as required by professional players. Pocket nets of cotton, hand made in Dorset, England; pocket leathers of genuine hide.

6. Installation Carried out in most Australian states and territories by trained people with specific expertise in Alcock tables

Packing and crating for many international destinations, complete with shipping arrangements. Expert fitter can be supplied for international installations, if desired.
7. Accessories Refer to List — Traditional Tables, Snooker and Pool Accessories.

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